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My experience with Liposuction, the truth + short VLOG

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How does Tumescent Lipo work?

Gain a better understanding of what tumescent liposuction is and how the procedure is performed in this short video. Minor side effects from the procedure as well as an overview of the recovery period is provided. Prospective patients learn about the advantages of tumescent liposuction over more traditional techniques.

Coolsculpting: Freezing the Fat Off Amazing Result

For many people, no matter how much weight they lose, there are certain areas they just can’t tone up.

Now some are turning to a relatively new method that freezes the fat away called CoolSculpting.

In fact it is so simple, it’s easy to wonder if it’s too good to be true. There’s no surgery, no anesthesia and no down time. Todd Wilkinson, a dermatologist at Advanced Dermatology and Skin Surgery in Asheville, says it’s geared toward people with exercise resistant areas on their body.

“Ideal candidates for CoolSculpting are within 15 to 20 pounds of their body weight,” Dr. Wilkinson said. “It is important to remember that CoolSculpting is not a weight loss procedure.”

Dr. Wilkinson says it’s for people who can’t get rid of fat in certain areas.

“It’s essentially a vaccuum cup with cool plates,” Wilkinson said. “It pulls the skin and fat into the cup and those cooling plates cool down the skin to just above freezing. That selectively injures the fat cells and the body reasorbs them over three months.”

When losing weight, fat cells become smaller but they don’t go away. In CoolSculpting, fat cells are frozen – or injured – then the body’s immune system naturally gets rid of them. When fat cells are no longer there they can’t get bigger, so the area that is treated ends up with a thinner layer of fat.

“You do not lose weight with cool sculpting,” Wilkinson said. “It’s not a treatment for obesity.”

Some before and after pictures show how fat can be reduced in hard to lose areas like a small paunch on the lower abdomen or trimming down love handles on the sides.

Results from a clinical study for the FDA shows “no serious adverse events were reported” and results supported “safe and effective use of the device.”

CoolSculpting was cleared by the FDA for use in 2010.

As for risks or side affects?

“Risks are minimal,” Wilkinson said. “Some people might experience mild bruising, maybe some skin sensitivity for about a week.”

The cost for a CoolSculpting treatment can run from $750 to $1,500 depending on how many areas of the body are treated.

There is no way she workout 4 to 5 times a week unless she was really really big, she has to get away from the American diet if she wants to lose weight.

What I wonder is, if it kills the fat cells in that one particular area, and the cells can’t become fat again, what happens when the fat cells around the dead ones become fat? Does the treated spot stay flat while the rest of the stomach gets fat around it? Like the Spot Bot carpet cleaner, you treat one spot and the rest of the surrounding carpet looks terrible. These treatments are still around $800-1500 each, right? You’d have to do “spots” all over the torso and sides.

nothing becomes fat. Fat cells exist since you’re born. The size of those fat cells is dependent on how much energy they store. By killing these cells it means they are permanently gone. Which means your body might start to store EXTRA energy other places. So you can sue this for a quick aesthetic improvement but if you don’t change your habits… you’ll get fat again

I’ve been on a diet for most of my life I have some areas on my body that accumulate more fat which are thighs and around my waist I’m not overweight but I have at least 1 inch of extra fat around my waist I tried ICE PACKS at home I loose one inch on my waist so far and on my thighs I see less fat on one leg than the other that’s because I left the ice-pack longer on one side which makes me think, is working so why even bother to pay so much money for the real coolsculping I’ve read that not everybody get the results they want and yes if you see the commercials they always show normal size people with a small amount of fat even if it works for overweight people I think if it cold really kills fat cells is when your cells are small/not fat. if you try icepacks at home just use something under your skin it burns if you put them directly to your skin but you should try it at home first then if you have enough money to spend on the coolsculping you can do that, because it will take the same long time to see if it worked or not I saw the difference after 3 weeks trying icepacks at least 3 days a week for at least an hour.