VASER® NYC – Dr. Frank Performing Tumescent Liposuction

Watch Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank perform a Tumescent Liposuction on a female abdomen and love handles using VASER®. You can learn more about how VASER Liposelection can dissolve fat cells by visiting

14 thoughts on “VASER® NYC – Dr. Frank Performing Tumescent Liposuction

  1. I was wondering one thing, will this woman feel any arousing or sensitive tingling during this procedure since you are working on her core?

  2. Also, a woman's navel is very sensitive right because of the tissue and will she real any uncomfortable stimulation?

  3. When is inserts that tiny rod and moves it around doesn't it pain a lot ? I thought vaser is done over the stomach surface by melting the fat beneath. 

  4. Hello What is the price for vaser? Actually Harley Cosmetic Group charged from me £8,000. Is it right?

  5. In Poland (Katowice) in private clinics such a procedure (VASER) costs about 7500 PLN, which is about 7500 / 5 = £1500. Compare this to £8,000 that Jems Hock talks about… which is exactly why I'm going to have it done there :))) And believe me: in Poland the medical standard is superb!

  6. +maria23madrid Me too! It helped tightens, lifts and smooths my skin onmy buttocks & upper thighs with floor of exercises. Itwas worth a penny. Ive never looked this great before.

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