The Vaser Vlog Part 2, Vaser Liposuction Review – Six-pack in two hours?

This video will talk you through my experience of the surgery, recovery, the compression garment, returning to work and much more! Enjoy 🙂



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Camera: Canon EOS 700D
Software: iMovie

20 thoughts on “The Vaser Vlog Part 2, Vaser Liposuction Review – Six-pack in two hours?

  1. I think you look great! I am glad you are happy with it. It's cool that you share the results with us. I have watched your channel for a long time now and I can see how happy you are and I am glad that the surgery made you feel better about yourself. 

  2. you look great, you're such a cutie, BTW the red liquid the put on you was iodine lol good luck handsome!

  3. For some reason you remind me to fellow youtuber, former laguna beach/the hills Lo Bosworth. Both are just amazing, have this genuine "worthy kid" Jet set beauty. Are just natural, efforthless pretty.

  4. I'm looking into having this done and was wondering did you have the MLD massage afterwards? Can't wait to see part 3. 🙂 X

  5. Im having it done at the private clinic too and after googling how common the lumps and the bumps are, I was really put off. So I called to cancel and they asked me why so I told them, but they said its rare and the MLD (only 1-2 treatments needed) would deal with them, but I'm not convinced…

  6. Heavily contemplating having this done. Same areas. My concern is skin elasticity and final result. Similar size to you. Have had my initial consultation in Leeds and am just weighing the pros and cons. £4,300 I was quoted and that isn't including the post surgical massages. Can we get a part 3? x

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