My First Experience with Coolsculpting

A few months ago, I tested the Coolsculpting. A new revolutionary technique that destroys the fat by the cold and therefore non invasive, understand without surgery. A complete explanation is necessary, is not it ?!

What is Coolsculpting?
Based on the principle of cryolipolysis, the Coolsculpting is a patented machine that allows to freeze the fatty cells by the cold that will be naturally evacuated by the body without damaging the skin. The treated fat cells are destroyed for life (the treatment aims at destruction of 10 to 30% of fat). Based on what we found on we can primarily treat the stomach, thighs, arms, hip, back, double chin, inner thighs … in short, where there is fat that exceeds. 6 applicators were specifically designed to treat each of these areas.

“The principle of cryolipolysis is based on studies by Harvard Medical School researchers demonstrating that prolonged exposure to severe cold (between minus 8 and minus 10 degree celsius) results in programmed destruction of fat cells. The Zeltiq Laboratory Coolsculpting is currently the worldwide reference cryolipolysis machine certified by the Food and Drug Administration (USA). ”

Watch my journey here – my first treatment:

Who is it for ?
For those who want to fight against obesity despite the many diets and sport. To avoid, if you suffer from hernia, wounds, eczema, recent surgery on the area to be treated, pregnancy or breastfeeding, poor circulation of the area, Raynaud’s disease or a high reactivity to the cold.

What is the difference between Coolsculpting and Liposuction
The Coolsculpting is non-invasive unlike liposuction which is a radical surgical operation but with general anesthesia and dare to say it: risks. Clinically proven and approved by the FDA, Coolsculpting does not require stopping activity, anesthesia or needles.

What happens the first time
During the consultation, the doctor creates a personalized treatment plan adapted to the needs and objectives of the patient. If you / your fat is fit, treatment can be done in the immediate or later if you need a reflection period.

The rather specific treatment consists of placing a gel pad (very cold) on the targeted area and on top, an applicator (one zone = one hour of treatment). It is this same applicator that sucks up the greasy tissue to freeze the area.

During the first few minutes, you feel a sensation of traction, tugging and slight pinching or evenĀ  intense cold. After 10 minutes, the area is completely anesthetized by the cold and we do not feel anything. It’s time to go about your occupation, you can read, work on your laptop or just relax for a good hour.

After this time, a beep sounds and the doctor / nurse removes the applicator. We discover a really frozen zone (like a scallop), it’s quite disturbing! But the most disturbing or I must say painful happens because it will be necessary to distribute this frozen zone and for this, massage is mandatory. Let’s be honest, this massage that lasts 3 minutes hurts, very bad but it is for the good cause and especially this is what promotes elimination.

After the massage, we have strong aches and pains for a few minutes and it passes.

Pain or not, after treatment?
On the flank area (beads in a less scientific language), I will not really say it hurts but we feel like aches for a few days. Nothing crazy then a paracetamol and it passes. For the belly, it is a completely different story. I really gulped – after the treatment, I did not feel anything but the third night was “intense and horrible”. Apparently this is the most painful area and it is not a way of speaking … so you are warned
What are the results that can be expected?
According to people, the first results can be observed as early as 3 weeks / month. The remodeling of the silhouette is visible between 1 and 4 months. It is not magic (just like lipo) but it can be said that it is clearly revolutionary.

For my part, I tested the area of the belly and flanks. On the belly, to be totally honest, I did not have huge results (from one person to another, it varies), I did not see much difference to tell the truth but nevertheless on the arms, I am quite satisfied. There is a clear decrease of the fat mass on this area which is much smoother and the silhouette is necessarily harmonized. Coupled with a healthy diet and the practice of regular physical activity, one can almost speak of a miracle.

Will I retry the experience ?? Of course and it may even be that I will tell you about it soon