My experience with Liposuction, the truth + short VLOG

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20 thoughts on “My experience with Liposuction, the truth + short VLOG

  1. CARBS STORE AS FAT FFS. CARBS ARE SUGARS – some hi glycemic e.g. High Fructose Corn Syrup (very sugary & high spike in insulin response =BAD) some slower absorption. Your channel is pseudo – science crap that isn't valid. Free-Lee go get an age-appropriate boyfriend. You set a bad example for younger women – dating your DAD LMA OFF. Durian stfu – you old soap-dodger! Free-Lee go get a man who can give you a meat injection you will love ❤ grl.

  2. Omg you pay that much for this juice that's crazy it's really good and cheap in Colorado I get 2 of them for $5.00 I could buy like 8 bottles with $21

  3. just a question how do you not get bored with the datorade like youm must try something else i wouldnt be able to drink alot of that a few times a day every day

  4. my cousin did it about 4 times and she keeps getting far again. people think it's easy like this. lipo it's.made for skinny people that have this tiny fat store somewhere that it doesn't leave with exercize. that's it

  5. I work at natural grocers and it is cheaper then most health food stores… So we sell it for 9.75- 10.50

  6. Wow…pack of 6 from the Lakewood store on Amazon for $108.00! I'm actually blown away! I thought it would be much less expensive than that! Probably shipping on top of that.

  7. I think you looked cute with bigger thighs. Curves are attractive. You hate on everyone what are you talking about…

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