Hey Schatz
As promised, here is what had happen was with my liposuction experience. The incisions are the same regardless of the type of liposuction procedure but be sure the dr. has experience with your skin colour or your unique situation.


  1. Its hard to say why you are so upset about results of your lipo because it's not known how your tummy looked before, but it does look flat now. I sure scars will disappear with the time. Do you know how much fat in ml or pounds they removed during your lipo? Or , do you know your weight before and after operation? If doctor charging the same price for lipo patients with different weight and different amount of fat, then, how much varies the amount fat they remove for different people?

  2. Thank you so much for being brave by showing your scars.You have helped me a lot since i was considering Liposuction.Thank you Thank you

  3. To be honest, your stomach doesn't look nearly as bad as you seem to make it out to be. I think you can actually wear a two-piece and be fine. I think the waist band of your pants left temporary compression lines, so it' is kind of hard to tell. Also, I believe you can use laser treatments to diminish hyperpigmented hypertrophic scars, but if you don't want to go that far in expenses, maybe high prescription hydroquinone cream to fade them. I had hypertrophic scars similar to yours because of my Asian background and they would not start really fading away until over a year later and most of them are now much more blended with my skin tone and have flattened at almost 2 years later, but a few are still visible- just not nearly as bad as before.

  4. You need massages post operatives because you need now to accommodate the fat that is lest in your skin. And your skin color have nothing to see with your recuperation.

  5. Thanks very much for sharing your experience.  You are beautiful anyway and I think that with time your skin will even out.

  6. Very informative. I'm scheduled to undergo lipo in 2 weeks. Thanks for the enlightenment. I'll definitely ask these very important questions.

  7. post op massages are very important, everyone is different when it comes to healing . post op care is key to the results needed and also diet. As far as the scars , skin textures are different some people are prone to scar. liposuction the desired effect could be up to a yr and exercise helps as well.

  8. your stomach looks firm, I think you look good. Try using coco butter and there's a cream Walmart sells called scar removal.

  9. You look fabulous!! Wear your scars proudly!! I wish I could add a photo of my abdomen. I have 2 kidney transplant scars and one from a revision. Looks like a smiley with a line down the center. 2 feet of scars. I still wear a two piece because so what!! Scars are tattoos with better stories?You look so beautiful and your scars are cool!Also the coco butter in the jar that is very thick works great on scars, I used it on one of my arm scars and you can't even see it now.

  10. i know the reason you did this to begin with is that you want to live up to a certain standard with your body. i dont want to minimize how you feel. but if your like me, as you get older, you will laugh at what you used to care about when i comes to your looks. sure you dont want to smell or wear rags, but when it comes to your body, its the best it will ever be right now. so appreciate it. then you may see an improvement here and there but if you stop moving, like not going to the beach, it will only become worse. your muscles will atrophy because that kind of thinkingwill move into other areas, and you will start to move less and less. just keep moving and be glad your healthy. and enjoy your life. the only one who really gives any thought to your body is you. other people are thinking about themselves. so there is really no good to over thinking about it. use your body, dont judge it. love it enjoy it. but dont judge it. i think you are very pretty and if you really are worried, try makeup on your tummy. or something. but dont worry about it. much luv.

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