How to Heal After Liposuction Surgery and Plastic Surgery Naturally with These 5 Tips

How to Recover Quickly After Liposuction Surgery, Breast Reduction or Breast Augmentation Surgery and any Plastic Surgery Procedure.

As a Naturopathic Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, my focus is to help enhance and speed up my client’s healing process.

Daily I work with clients who come to me looking to reduce the swelling and bruising from the surgery. I work with both mena nd women of all ages in my local area and have clients who fly in for my work. I also work with professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities.

Some of the top recommendations to speed healing is:
1- Ginger Tea (2-3 cups a day)
2 – Arnica cream (topical application constant)
3- Bromelain – 2-3x doses each day
4. Dry Skin Brushing 1-2x daily

I’ve created a 38 Page – Surgery Recovery Guide that is an 18 week healing program a pre & post surgery comprehensive plan….this might be something you find helpful!
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20 thoughts on “How to Heal After Liposuction Surgery and Plastic Surgery Naturally with These 5 Tips

  1. if you had surgery and the lymphatic system was damage how does it work after that honey ?

  2. Hi, I just had lipo 3 weeks ago and I now have hard lumps in my abdomen. I no n longer have a drain and I get massages (back only). Can you please help me?

  3. Hi Melissa, no I have been meaning to contact you when's a good time for us to skpe

  4. Hi, I had a body lift surgery, now after 11 days I'm still draining just blood of one of the two drainage I've. Does the bleeding need an other surgery or it'll stop at its own?

  5. hi, I'm 9 days post op. most of the swelling from liposuction has gone down, I have been having lymphatic drainage massage and ultra sound massage with Arnica and it has helped a lot. my concern is that my feet and ankles got swollen when I removed my compression socks. is this normal?

  6. i had vazor lipo to my hip, stomach and inner thighs and fat transfer to breasts. i am now about 2weeks out. not very swillen but i have hard knots under my skin in all areas. how long should i wait to get massages. my skin is still soar and tingally.. and the back of my legs feel like they are burnt. how long does this feeling last? thank you.

  7. HI! I had surgery on Tuesday; Sono Bello laser tri sculpt to my upper, lower abs, pubic area, and love handles. I love your video! Thank you! Feeling great, but worried about edema in the pubic area. Been using essential oils: cypress, geranium to heal. Intense itching over body and welts from where the zipper and closures of the compression garmet attach to the sides. Melissa, can you suggest what I can do about the painful welts? It's like the suit is too tight, but I don't want to take it off other than to bathe. Thank you!

  8. Hi Melissa….. How long do one needs MLD massage and how frequently after area and theighs legs vaser lipo and water jet lipo? Thanx a lot for all the information… Two thumbs up

  9. Hi Melissa, this video is power packed with awesome information on post cosmetic surgery healing. I'm so glad I found your channel. I had some specific questions. Where is the best place to send you questions? Thanks?

  10. hi I had laser lipo surgery in April and I still have bumps or lumps underneath the skin. I been going to a lymphatic drainage massage but it's just with hands no heat or machines. are there any suggestions on eliminating the lumps and bringing my upper lower and flanks down?

  11. Thank you very helpful. You need to raise the volume when you are videotaping. I have my volume at the highest and I can barely hear you.

  12. Hi Melissa I got my lipo done about two weeks ago. I am about to scratch my skin offfff it burns then itch really bad then goes back numb.. it feels like little ants crawling under my skin.. plus the swelling is there. To be honest it look like I had nothing done. If i wear waist trainers will that help with the swelling. It hurt to bad when i try to massage or have my boyfreind massage he get so tired from doin it. Im getting lumpy.

  13. I'm 9 weeks post op lipo/tt is it too late to start the Lymphatic Drainage treatment? This swelling is driving me crazy!! What exactly is the Dry Skin Brushing???

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